Friendship, always considered to be the best relation in human’s life. It becomes strong, despite of so many differences, arguments and fights with one another. Have you ever noticed why this happens? What is the cause of a friendship being so strong despite being an odd couple?

Therefore, this article is about those weird anime couples who makes the perfect example of friendship despite of all the differences.

Gohan and Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z

Keeping the facts at the other end and think about how they are even friends with all the differences makes no sense. But they are perfect example of the true friendship. Piccolo always used to scold angrily at Gohan to make him ready for fight against Saiyans.

Yes, it is only to prepare him for his invasion but scolding him and fighting him in spite of being good friends is something no one likes. But all his scolding just for making Goku’s son to fight against himself and shaping his way ahead. And all this makes them respect each other. You can even see their sacrifices for each other and Piccolo as the greatest grandpa for Gohan’s daughter, Pan.

Yuki and Haru from tsuritama

Yuki, a kid who is far away from the enjoyment of friendship and all this because of his grandmother. His grandmother always used to move the locals for work. However, the other one is an alien, he claims but nobody truly knows anything about this. But still they become friends and even enjoys fishing at peace.

They used to teach each other about the place from where they belong and what changes they can bring to the society. They start this job as a hobby but it begins to take shape as a greater cause.

Both of them come at a point when leaving the town is the only option to be safe but still they want to be in the same city. Their friendship become more strong and they find peace with each other.

Franky and Iceberg from One Piece

One is one of the best anime which is so much crowded with friendships. Even the Straw hat pirates which keeps sailing together, this shows the respect of brotherhood that is beyond any friendship. The respect and true allies that it proves to be says that distance does matter in strong friendships.

All of them grows with a guidance of Tom, but their ways become so different from one another. But when they lose their teacher, all of them live together- Franky, Iceberg, tom. They all become true friends and help one another in dangerous situations.

Kaoru and Sentaro from Kids on the Slope

How could anyone forget the first meeting of Kaoru and Sentaro, when kaoru runs to the roof after being harassed by other kids and meets Sentaro who was having the same depressive moment and comes as an angel to his life. Kaoru, the only one true friend of sentaro who sees the other side of one of the most thug student. Even, Kaoru becomes the first person to recognize the fear of Sentaro and hence their friendship starts. Both of them starts helping each other to build up their confidences.

Naruto and Gaara from Naruto

Naruto and Gaara, both of them are far different from each other. Naruto who is always believed to be a beast by other people from his childhood days, becomes a monster.

However, when Naruto comes to his life everything changes. Naruto teaches him to believe in himself and takes him out from that monster made life. Gaara, then comes to know that the true strength of a person is the love, kindness and true friendship. All this makes Naruto as the role model of Gaara and hence one of the strongest and true friendship in the anime world starts.


The above examples of the true friendship can teach a good lesson in life. It also shows that how a true friendship can make you believe in yourself and even make you understand people better. So, comment below and let us know that which of the pair is your favourite and what you think about them? Do you have any other opinion? Do let us know below.

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