UQ Holder is a popular anime series written by Ken Akamatsu. It is the sequel of the series Negima. The storyline of UQ holder is a bit different from its previous sequel and shows the story of a Young boy Touta Konoe who is looking for an opportunity to find a place in the world. The story starts with the urge of Touta, who wants to defeat his teacher. However, with all of its efforts and help from his friends he could not be able to win from his teacher, Yukihime. After defeating Touta, Yukihime shows her that he needs to learn and practice a lot in order to be a great warrior and defeat her.

But during the same time, yukihime gets attached by one of Touta’s teacher and while defending her Touta gets sliced.

But Yukihime helps him and gives his power by which he becomes fit and healthy in very short time. Now Totu becomes a follower of Yukihime and fight to his one teacher who attacked him and Yukihime and defeats him too. Just after a small amount of time Touta comes to know a lot of truth about himself and Yukihime.

History of Touta and Yukihime

Touta becomes immortal and he also comes to know that Yukihime is also immortal. But he also comes to know the hidden truth of Yukihime who changed her name from Evangeline McDowell to Yukihime just to look after Touta when his parents die in a car accident. Now, the story starts and he along with yukihime goes to search his hidden life truth. During his voyage he comes to meet Kuroumaru Tokisaka who is also in search of defeating yukihime but later he becomes their friend and also joining in their voyage. However, he only becomes their friend in condition of that yukihime loses in fight from him.

In the 4th episode of this series a lot of truth comes into light. They come to know that yuikihime is a leader of an immortal group called UQ Holder. The main purpose of this group is to fight from evil and destroy they from earth. Later Touta also learns a lot of power and gains an immortal weapon known as Gravity Blade. He also leans a new technique of fight known as flash step and become more powerful and then fight alongside with other assassins. In episode 5, he gets nearly dead in getting a dark power named Magia Erebea. After this power only you could be able to see some connection of this season with the last one.

In 8th episode only, you would be able to see some of the familiar faces from the last season Fate Averruncus. The mission of fate is to kidnap Touta and use touta powers for his organisation but the main aim of this organisation is not revealed in this season. We may find it on the other seasons later.

But Fate gets caught by Touta and his friends and then by torturing him they come to know the main reason behind the disappearance of Negi Springfield.

Final thoughts

UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2 is one of the best shows that you could enjoy. Despite the fact that it is not linked a lot to its previous series but its action scenes and story grabs attention and you would not find it boring. The only that hurts here is the lack of episodes that could find a resemblance from its previous one. So, friends enjoy this series because it same as enjoyable anime as Negima.

Enjoy the ecchi scenes and the new characters.

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