In this era of the latest technology, the online platform has evolved so much throughout the generation. There are so many online applications which provide the best quality movie and TV shows without any cost. Among them, the most popular one is Project Free TV which provides all the streaming content and TV shows in HD quality.

In this article, we are going to review the working of Project Free TV which includes it’s working, features and its best alternatives available on the internet.

What is Project Free TV?

One of the leading and most popular online streaming websites which allow its users to stream online content and their favourite TV shows at free of cost and also enable its users to download and watch it later. It is a free to air television service which provides entertainment at free of cost.

Project Free TV work

The best thing about this site is that you can even watch those shows which aired 24 hours ago.

Best features of Project Free TV:

  • First of all, it provides all of its services for free.
  • It has the facility of online streaming which enables all its users to save the downloading time.
  • It has a calendar feature which allows you to watch any TV show released on a particular date.
  • Its sorting method is also straightforward. It sorts all the content in an alphabetical A-Z order which allows its user to navigate through their favourite TV shows easily.

One disadvantage about Project Free TV is that the domain of the website is attached to adware which results in numerous pop-ups while watching or streaming something on this platform.

Working of Project Free TV explained.

You just have to visit the main website and search for your desired TV show you want to watch. If it is available on the website, the website provides you with different links. After clicking on any of them, Project Free TV will take you to another website where the original video file is located. From there, you can stream the video file online on a web-based video player.

Best Alternatives.

Project free TV is not the only online streaming service available on the internet right now which offers the same service as Project Free TV in free of cost

Some of the best alternatives to Project Free TV are:

The Watch Series TV

It is the only online streaming platform which is not restricted anywhere, and it is entirely ad-free too. It provides you with all the latest thrilling movies and TV shows. It comes with a filter tool too which filters out what you need.


It is the best replacement of Project Free TV found till date. It is also neither a host nor a streaming site as it just redirects you to another website where the video is located.


A perfect choice for a retro lover. This site offers free online movies with many classics one to choose from. It has a simple user interface which allows users to pick up their favourite movie according to the genre.

Stream 2 Watch

It is the best alternative for you if you are interested in sports. This online website streams live broadcasts of badminton, cycling and various other sports.

Kiss Asian

If your first choice is watching Korean drama, it is the best alternative for you. The main feature about this website is it offers Taiwan TV shows and series with English subtitles.


This site provides high-quality movie and Tv shows which provide a very satisfying user experience without the need for registration.

Share TV

It only provides the TV shows made for the western world only and always keeps you updated about the latest releases of movies and TV shows.


Q1. Is Project Free TV legal?

A: In simple words, Project Free TV is similar to google and not YouTube because it does not host any data; it just redirects its user to another webpage where the original content is located.

Q2. Is Project Free TV safe to watch movies on mac without getting a virus?

A: You will be completely safe if you turn on your system firewall before surfing these sites.

Q2. How do I switch servers in case of default one is slow?

A: The default server is server one which performs its best every time, but in case of server one is slow you have to click on the “OPTION” button and select between server two and server 3.

Q3. Is it legal to watch movies at Project Free TV? Is there any risk?

A: Yes, this website is 100% legal, and there is no risk to date. This website is just an online service provider which does not have any content on its server. All the video files provided by Project Free TV are affiliated with third-party sources.

Q4. Should I be fined for using Project Free Tv?

A: No, absolutely not. You could not be fined for watching copyrighted content movies and shows on Project Free tv. It is illegal to upload copyrighted content inline, but Project Free TV is a search engine not a complete video hosting website.


You have to be very attentive while browsing these kinds of websites because of its ads issue.

Ads are popped up in every step of browsing or downloading, and if by mistake it gets clicked on, it redirects to another malicious website which is not genuinely safe for your devices. This article is only for educational and awareness purposes. We here do not intend to support any kind of piracy. I hope you all liked this article about “How does Project Free TV work” and don’t forget to share it once.

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