Dragon ball is a Japanese multimedia franchise which was created by Akira Toriyama and was first seen in 1984. It is a list of anime series which is being seen from 1984 to till now. It has a total 519 chapters and one of the popular anime series of all times.

Dragon Ball

The anime series is based on the popular novel journey to the west and influenced by the martial arts from china. If you have ever seen this series, then you would be definitely knowing that “Goku” is the leading character whose adventures have been filmed in this series. From childhood to adulthood, his martial arts training as well as his adventures in the seven series and finding a dragon who can even grant his every wishes is the main concept of Dragon Balls.

Have you ever seen Star Wars? If yes, you can see a lot of similarities in both of them. The space missions and the growing up of characters with each and every series on screen is really fascinating. It makes the series more adorable and connected to the audience.

The generational Appeal

The release of the film Dragon Ball Super in UK has shown that how popular tis anime character is. Fans from age of 14 to 50 years was seen keen to be a part of the show. The big fan base for the anime character was seen and the franchise is going to attract more of them by the film. It is the second anime movie to be showcased in UK.

According to Manga UK CEO, Jerome Mazandarani, Resurrection F [2015] showed the normal anime fan base which was more than ever thought of. So, we went with the screening of the most popular and known anime series, Dragon Ball Z. We even organised a special screening for the fans of this anime series and let me tell you that the volume of fan base that we got here surprised us all. Therefore, we think that this idea of coming with Dragon Ball Super in UK was the best ever idea that we ever got.

However, most of the fans are male but when we talked to a fan named Winston. According to him, He started watching the dragon ball since he was 13 and now he is 33 and still he loved it. It’s not just a movie but his life. He also told that he has kept a lot of dragon ball stuff in his room and has made a memorabilia of dragon Ball Z in his house.

Getting to know about fans of this anime series made us think its fan following in UK too. We didn’t expect this type of fan following of a anime series from Japan in UK. But it’s amazing that we even got to know the huge fan following of diverse generation.

Nowadays, anime is more interesting and accessible. With lot of online streaming Apps and website, it has reached to every house and not only children but also the adults enjoy watching this. There was a time when it was just limited to some of the TV channels but now you as well as your children can watch these anime series on smartphones, Tabs or laptops.

The most astonishing thing is that it is muti generational same as the Star Wars and therefore people love to see Goku and his space adventures from his childhood to the time when he even becomes a Grandfather.

The Three Generations

The three generations consist of Naruto, Bleach and Yu-Gi-Oh. The family saga, dragon ball Z has got a lot of loyal fans since it got started by Akira Toriyama in 1984. Either it was a anime or a movie or a video game series, a lot of new kinds joined as a fan by all these modes. The fans have started following it from when they were kinds and they have become fathers of many kids.

I started watching Dragon Ball Saga since I was a kind and now I have my kinds with whom I am watching the super saga. All this shows the longevity of the series and how it is framed to be a family saga where everyone from the family enjoys the same thing without having any second thoughts.

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